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I help local churches create healthy worship teams and environments for corporate worship gatherings.
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To observe current worship services and add value to the teams through observation, assessment & feedback.


To create a healthy worship team and a healthy environment for corporate worship.
Chuck is focused, diligent in his work, and passionate about helping others succeed. He is motivated, disciplined, and will deHinitely ask the hard questions. His communication skills are exceptional and his willingness to “go the extra mile” is so refreshing.

I am certain, as is our leadership team, that Chuck Sullivan has been critical in the discovery of who we are to be, how we are to get there, and helped equip us with the consistency in accomplishing our task. I am already eager to speak with Chuck about how he can help our team conquer the “next mountain”.

Chuck Allen, Lead Pastor - Sugar Hill Church

Chuck is a man of personal character. He is motivated, disciplined, and knows how to ask the tough questions and find solutions. His communication skills are outstanding. His ability to assess where our ministry organization was when he arrived and what our goals really needed to be was very valuable in the strength and health we are experiencing today. I believe…that Chuck Sullivan has been instrumental in the advancement of what we are pursuing. There is no doubt that we will again seek the support, counsel and experience of Chuck again in the future. In six months our ministry organization has not only experienced numerical growth but in addition the culture and health of Victory Life is so much stronger.
Dr. Brad Jurkovich, Former Lead Pastor - Victory Life Church, Lubbock, Texas

Chuck is focused, driven and committed to excellence in all that he does. Leading a church during a time of transition can be a difficult endeavor, yet Chuck stepped in to provide quality leadership with his abilities to communicate, encourage, and motivate others. While with us, Chuck served on our Senior Leadership Team where I witnessed the value of his experience and leadership abilities, which proved invaluable in moving our church in a positive, forward direction. I can assure you that Chuck possesses capable team-building skills, with an ability to bring new and fresh ideas to the table, while also working collaboratively with established leadership.
Dr. Joey Rodgers, Senior Pastor - FBC Peachtree City

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