What I Do

This ministry is focused in 3 areas:

  1. Providing a full range of music and leadership in concerts, community outreaches and events including planning, recruiting, rehearsing, directing, and performance, and hosting as well as managing resources and people.
  2. Providing performance and leadership support to global mission outreaches including planning and implementation, recruitment of participants, and fundraising.
  3. Providing consultation and leadership to church organizations seeking interim assistance in worship ministries including stabilizing existing programs through modeling, planning, management of staff and providing transitional leadership assistance to church organizations who desire innovations.

Worship Consulting Services

Focus: Stabilization, Transition and Forward Movement

Stabilization: some organizations experience challenges and dysfunctional issues in one area or overall. Chuck’s role in this is to stabilize that area of the organization by getting to know the team involved, reestablishing the team and their goals, walking through the process of strengthening and stabilizing.
Transition: Some organizations are looking for smooth flow of time between leaders until a new leader is identified and brought on board. Chuck’s role in this is to work with the existing leadership and team to identify the goals during this interim time frame and provide smooth transition and stability.
Forward Movement: some organizations are ready to move forward from where they are to where they would like to be. Chuck’s role here is to work with the existing leadership and team to discover the direction they want to go and how to get there. Then to walk through that process with them and provide interim leadership.

Method Used:

  • Assess the Need
  • Design the Plan
  • Implement the Change

Leadership Influence:

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know And Do – Mark Miller and Ken Blanchard.

The SERVE Model:

S = See the future
E = Engage and develop others
R = Reinvent continuously
V = Value results and relationships
E = Embody the values

What are the pieces to our plan?

  • Critical assessment
  • Building, rebuilding, leading teams
  • Building relationships with team members and leadership
  • Weekly evaluation of progress and metrics
  • Strategic planning – short and long term
  • Project Management – planning and leading events
  • Introduction, integration and management of planning tools
  • Mentoring and Coaching

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Chuck Sullivan singing, playing keys and leading worship
Picture of Chuck Sullivan leading worship